Naomi Korn: copyright consultant

Pursuing best copyright practice

Copyright is more than a compliance issue - it goes to the heart of every organisation. It is a contracts management issue; a collections management issue; a staff issue; a risk management issue; a digital literacy issue; a policy issue; a records and knowledgement management issue; a business issue and a strategic issue

Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy Ltd is a leading supplier of specialist copyright and rights management solutions and services. Naomi has run her company for over 12 years, during which time she has helped large and small cultural heritage organisations, educational establishments and small businesses to optimise assets and reduce their risks.

Naomi recognises that rights management and licensing form an integral component of organisational policies, procedures and collections management. Rights management and approaches to licensing also need to reflect strategic objectives and therefore copyright needs to be dealt with as an embedded organisational issue - introduced through planned cultural change. 


My ethos is to optimise best copyright practices and effective rights management through embedding a broad range of practical and pragmatic solutions and services within organisational structures, policies and procedures.

Providing practical, strategic and pragmatic support, Naomi can offer management consultancy support in:

  • Understanding, clearing and managing third party rights
  • Valuing, optimising and protecting IP assets, including how rights management supports emerging business models
  • Developing new, and amending existing policies and embedding processes, including the bespoking of collection management systems to record rights and permissions
  • Developing licensing strategies to support access and use of content, discussion about different business models and the selection of suitable licences 
  • Staff development, training and awareness raising.

Projects and publications include:

  • Sustaining Digital Resources Project, funded by Jisc, together with Ithaka S+R 2011 - 2012. Naomi was the Project Director and lead consultant resulting in a successfully pilotted digital sustainability course.

A Practical Guide to Copyright (2015) By Naomi Korn and Gordon McKenna (2nd Edition)

 A No Nonsense Guide to Licensing Digital Resources, to be published by Facet Publishing in 2016

Naomi can be contacted at:
+ 44 (0)7957 761 032

Twitter: @nkorn



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