Naomi Korn: copyright consultant

Pursuing best copyright practice

Working to Make Copyright Easier

Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy is a leading supplier of specialist copyright and rights management solutions and services to large and small cultural heritage organisations, educational establishments and small businesses, helping them to optimise assets and reduce risks.


Providing practical and pragmatic support, Naomi Korn and her Associates are experienced in offering help in:

  • Understanding, clearing and managing third party rights
  • Valuing, optimising and protecting IP assets
  • Developing policies and embedding processes
  • Selecting suitable licences
  • Staff development and training

Recent publications and projects include:

A Practical Guide to Copyright (2010) By Naomi Korn and Gordon McKenna

Naomi Korn and her Associates are experienced in providing a range of training solutions to professionals working across the public sector as well as those working in commercial picture libraries, publishers and other businesses.

Our ethos is to optimise best copyright practices and effective rights management through embedding a broad range of practical and pragmatic solutions and services.

Naomi can be contacted at:
+ 44 (0)7957 761 032

Twitter: @nkorn


N.A.Korn BA(Hons) MA (Lead Consultant)

E.R.Marcus BA (Hons) LPC (Project Management and Administration)


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